Vegetarian News

Several hundreds million years ago, when human beings are created, we live on fruits, vegetables and plant. With the development of economic, our life has changed so much, many kinds of food available. So it becomes complex to determine a kind of healthy diet.
Vegetarians claim that their diet can increase energy. They have their reasons: Ross Murray, a swimmer who wins two Olympic Gold Medals in 1956; and runner John Randy who break six world records after being a loyal vegetarian.
Of course, some of these people may also lucky to achieve good results even if with poor diet. But if you would believe in the study result of vegetarian, you will come to know that they are not lucky ones. Their favorite study was conducted in 1907, and that research compared the fifteen meat eaters and thirty-four vegetarians. When they require meat eaters stretch arms as long as possible, they can continue only fifteen minutes. None of them can keep for 30 minutes. Among the vegetarians, there are twenty-two lasted fifteen minutes, with fifteen lasted thirty minutes or more. One person said to have maintained this position up to three hours.
And they reason of vegetarian is not only for energy reason, there are many other factors. Some of them seem to be quite persuasive.
For example; an argument put forward is based on physiology. Vegetarians said that human is born simply do not eat meat, so sometimes some people choke on the meat. People is different with wolves, wolves tore a large piece of meat with its teeth, and then bolted down. Human beings need open with his teeth and then chew the first bite, which is the best way for banana, pumpkin or carrots. But eating fried steak is completely inappropriate. Dr. Killen said on a medical conference recently. Herbivores teeth structure is sharp incisors, molars flat, round, for crushing and grinding food. This indicates people’s physiological structure is suitable for vegetables, leaves, roots of plants, nuts and grasses. The research on modern people shows that he has all the characteristics of pure herbivores. Vegetarians deem that we have such a poor ability to absorb cholesterol. Study report also revealed that very little strict vegetarian get heart disease. That is because out physiological structure does not allow take into so many cholesterol.
Vegetarians and many others say meat itself is not good way for people. It is high in fat, people are vulnerable to get heart disease. At lease to animals, it may cause cancer. The digest of bacteria of meat is not as easy as vegetarian food. Some people like bacon very much, in fact, part of them is bad. If you have enough time to read the books written by vegetarians, you will not touch these foods any more, and you will not doubt whether it is right.
The last thing I want to say is that the history of vegetation is as long as human beings history. So after so many centuries, it has proved to be completely true.

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