Using A Reverse Phone Lookup To Stop Nuisance Prank Callers

People often receive unexpected, disturbing phone calls during the night or very early in the morning. This can be incredibly frightening, especially if family members are known to have serious medical problems.

Often these calls are being made by some disturbed individual thinking they are being funny, or someone carrying a grudge for some reason. Calls made from landlines can generally be traced by the landline reverse phone lookup systems at the disposal of the responsible phone company and can be stopped comparatively easy as a result.

Nuisance calls made from cell phones, however, somewhat complicate things. Phone companies can not trace them, as most cell phones are neither listed nor registered to particular users in general directories.

Contacting the police is of little use, as their response usually consists of telling the worried person that the calls will probably stop if they are ignored. This, of course, is easier said than done if one has to answer the phone in case there really is an emergency.

Using Reverse Phone Lookup websites
The independent Reverse Phone Lookup database offering their services on the Internet are the best possible solution in this type of situation. These websites offer individuals a chance to search for the names and addresses of cell phone users by simply typing the relevant number into a search bar.

Reverse phone lookup generally does not come free of charge for cell phone numbers, because the fact that numbers and users are not listed in any regular and easily accessible directories makes a search incredibly difficult and often involves searching through dozens, if not hundreds of related databases.

Most services facilitating reverse phone lookup will also make it clear right from the start that it is not always possible to come up with results for the above mentioned reasons. Some companies will still charge for their reverse phone lookup searches even if it has not been possible to locate the owner of the number, others will only charge if a result has actually been provided.

When the name and address of a nuisance caller have been determined through reverse phone lookups, it is often possible to stop the calls by simply contacting the caller and threatening them with the police. The simple fact that the person they have been calling has found out their name and address through reverse lookup is often enough to stop them permanently.

If this is not enough, there are two possible options. Either the name and address can be given to the police with a request to contact the caller, or the network provider of the caller, usually also provided by reverse phone lookups, can be contacted with a complaint about the caller.

More often than not, the network provider will initially warn the caller, followed by the phone being blocked if the caller persists in making the nuisance calls. In either case, reverse phone lookup will make it possible to stop these irritating, frightening calls and regain one’s peace of mind.


A reverse cell phone lookup may be necessary if you cannot find the source of a strange phone number. Here is a guide that will explain how to perform a reverse phone lookup.