Top Hilarious Pranks That Always Work!

Hilarious Pranks Idea #1

This prank can be done on your friends by taping the phone to the receiver. Then, use your own cell phone to call your friends’ telephone. Watch him as he tries to take the phone off the receiver and it will surely be one of the funniest hilarious pranks you can do.

Hilarious Pranks Idea #2

Another great idea for hilarious pranks can be done on your friends too. If you are working with a friend on a project, ask them to let you print their assignment. Before you actually do the printing, replace some of the words in the assignment with silly ones. You can watch in astonishment as the professor and your classmates read the report aloud in class and it will surely be one that everyone won’t soon forget. However, do take note to do this only to your closest friends so you can all have fun later!

Hilarious Pranks Idea #3

For another classic hilarious pranks idea, you can add some baby powder on your friend’s hair dryer and then watch as they switch it on. This will cause the baby powder to cling onto their wet hair! This is a good idea for exacting revenge on your friend as they will certainly be fuming mad!

Hilarious Pranks Idea #4

Another classic hilarious pranks! Place a can of tuna or any food substance that really smell on their office or car seat. Watch and observe as they sit on it. All day long, they will keep wondering where the nasty smell is coming from without any idea that it is actually coming from their own bottom! Those who know it will surely be cracking up with no end.

Hilarious Pranks Idea #5

Friends always like to invite one another for a challenge and this is one is surely going to have everyone cracking up! Challenge them for a non-fizzy drink in a bottom’s up challenge. Seems like a no-brainer? Make sure to add lots of salt to the drink before you serve them up to your friends for a chug down challenge. Watch in amusement as they try to race who gets to finish their drink first!

There are a lot of ideas for hilarious pranks that you can do to your friends or family members. There are lots of resources online for cool and unique ideas that will surely be effective. However, while it is fun and interesting, then you need to focus on harmless and clean fun that is all for the pure enjoyment of everyone. After all, even if most of you who did the prank might find it funny, the victim won’t necessarily think it as funny.

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