The Harmless April Fool’s Day Pranks

April fool’s Day is a day to make fun and that spirit of fun is usually at its peak that day. Quipping April fool’s Day jokes and playing pranks on your friends and coworkers are what the celebration is all about. The spirit of fun is at the full swing when you know that you get to play pranks and jokes on people and just get away with it. But what is important to remember is that you should put together a good assortment of safe and funny pranks to pull on your friends and acquaintances. Practical jokes have often proved to be really flop and have often pulled down the spirit of fun, although some really safe practical jokes still work perfectly. Just make sure it is safe, fun filled and harmless.


You don’t usually get presents or visit with family or necessarily have a feast, but it is extremely festive and fun. Unfortunately many people pass right by it, not noticing it at all, unless perhaps they notice something strange happening. The jokes, April fools pranks can be really wacky/humorous by adding your own creative skills, but much depends on the funny side of your personality, which can indeed bring out original fools SMS or fool jokes that remain fresh in the recipients’ memories. When you’re trapped in an office all day long, one of the best ways to relieve stress and tension is to play pranks on your co-workers and have them played on you. It’s more important to be on your guard, because anyone can be plotting to pull pranks on the rest of the office.


You can develop a plan for your office pranks well in advance. Since office pranks can often involve a lot of people, you’ll want to keep track of who’s in the building and when. You might even consider going to the office very early or staying late one day and seeing roughly when people arrive and leave. Gather the materials you need to make the prank work. If, for example you intend to hang clear cellophane across a doorway then you’ll want to head to the supermarket and pick up a roll. For example, if you want to play pranks for your family, you can set a funny video in their car DVD. Some, in some places do exactly that. They wait until April first and then play tricks on people that they do not like. Others celebrate the unofficial holiday by telling jokes to friends or going out and having a little party. For example, there was this one show on television where they displayed some friends who were about to play the joke on their friend. In this joke, or so-called joke, the friend was approached by police officers and then arrested. The person did not find out until afterwards that this was a joke.


Be sure that the people you’re going to play pranks on have a sense of humor and would appreciate the joke. You never know how someone will react to being a victim, so if you have any doubt as to whether or not someone will become uncomfortable it’s best not to play pranks on them.


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