Internet Marketing Tips – Dealing With Forum Trolls

Forum trolls…every forum has them. It is a fact of life that you’re not going to get away from. It’s kind of like death and taxes. However, just because they are a fact of life doesn’t mean you have to lie down and do nothing about them. There are things you can do about forum trolls. The main thing, however, is not to become one yourself. This article will explain what trolls are and what you can do about them.

A forum troll is essentially somebody who comes to a forum for the express purpose of causing trouble. That is their main function in life. They will, many times, make an off color remark, usually one that is totally ludicrous, and then sit back and watch the ensuing chaos. They live for this. Well, as a responsible forum member, aside from not becoming one of these yourself, there is something you can do about these trolls.

For starters, don’t feed them. In other words, when one starts a thread for the purpose of causing trouble, ignore them. Don’t respond to their ranting. If everybody would do this, the thread itself would have just one post…the troll’s. Eventually, the troll will get bored and leave. Yes, I know this is hard to do. You just want to take a club and bat these idiots over the head, but ignoring them is the best solution.

Next, report the troll to the forum admin. This will alert them to the problem and they’ll then be able to take care of them by deleting their account. Trust me, most administrators have absolutely no tolerance for forum trolls. As soon as you spot one and report it, it shouldn’t be more than minutes before the pest is out of your hair for good.

I don’t envy people who run forums. There are a lot of problems to contend with, forum trolls being one of them. But if we all do our part, ignoring them and then reporting them to the forum admin, we can help keep our favorite forum from turning into a house of vermin.

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Internet Forum Trolls – What Are They?

In running a successful discussion forum one of the problems an administrator is likely to come up against sooner or later is the troll. Although these so-called trolls can be disruptive, they can also aid in getting some good discussions going, and in keeping threads alive. To establish what a troll in Internet terms means, here’s what one forum has deemed one to be, and has created a specific rule to prevent trolling. “NO TROLLING – mischievously manufacturing inflammatory opinions in an attempt to stir up disharmony and discord. No posting up a stream of off-topic drivel or being clumsily provocative.”

Now, of course this doesn’t mean putting a stop to healthy disagreements. No one wants or expects a forum where every member agrees 100% with each other on all subjects. Rather, the rule is intended to prevent a certain member from taking over a thread, or threads, in order to be disruptive. Often, it just seems that one particular member will do almost anything to make themselves heard, whether they contribute to the forum or not.

When we think of one of the meanings for trolling, in fishing it’s to slowly drag bait through water. Perhaps the expression suitably fits those who like to dangle off topic drivel in their posts in order to get other members to take the bait and go on the attack against the originator of the post. I also think the second meaning equally applies, that of obnoxious creatures in folklore who are intent on causing mischief and to destroy or tear down. A forum with trolls is one where very often there’s a lot of sarcasm, where infighting takes place, and the normal member gets very frustrated. Threads go off-topic, and shouting matches become the norm. Trolls tend to be repetitive, as though saying something over and over again will somehow make others take notice.

So, yes to healthy arguments, discussion, and disagreements. But, if a forum is to truly thrive, with the majority being heard, trolls need to be kept in their place.

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Avoiding Trolls during Web Surfing

Surfing the internet or web has become more of a necessity in the lives of people all around the world in today’s modern era as compared to when it used to just be a luxury and used in the time of need. Most work and communication is not possible without having an internet connection available at the moment so it is why the net has become so easily accessible and common and in almost every household now. When traffic and population in any place, physical or virtual grows, there are bound to be problems that are very problematic to solve and can sometimes get out of hand.

Internet trolls have become one of the problems which show no signs of stopping anytime soon because of the easiness they have developed on the internet today. These trolls have the basic objection of creating problems and igniting a fire in between a perfectly normal group of people who would commonly be discussing in a well mannered way. Trolls try and grab attention by doing such things and making people fight either with each other or with themselves. There a few ways and techniques which can be used in avoiding them for good.

The best known way which is thought of also the easiest is simply avoiding trolls all together instead of just encouraging those creatures more and more. Such people have the tendency to be attention seekers because of the lack of it they receive in the real world. If they are not communicated with they feel left out and immediately want to disperse from that are as soon as possible. Since it is their objective to create havoc in the first place, arguing with them would delight them even further instead of cooling the fire down which is the objective here.

Another aspect of looking at such situations could be the humorous and fun way in which everyone remains happy and things can continue in the manner they usually do. Taking things in a fun and easy manner will keep everyone from fighting since not all trolls are there to light up a fire.

Hence, it can be said that trolling isn’t a good way of doing your job or assignment online. So, if you want to stay away from it, you will have to immediately make use of those tools and methods online in order to get pleased your minds from trolling, everlastingly.

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Why Do Trolls Do What They Do

Trolling has become of nearly every website on the web where people can come together for a group discussion on serious and general matters. People who are just there to create nuisance and disturb the peace between other users are usually known as trollers or trolls. It is not a definite term but more a popular term which has become associated with such people just like the term “Viral”, troll is another word having spread through rigorous use. Some people would ask that why do some users do what they do? There are a few simple theories regarding that query.

1. Lack of Exposure

People who do not go out in public to much usually develop such a habit to find attentions. Since they are not well versed with interacting with the general population, they make such derogatory to experiment with their low communication skills and in return play with emotions and feelings of the users.

2. Power

Power is always attractive and everyone always wishes of gaining power in any possible way. Trolls are the same as everyone else, they think they will get power over the others by opting for ways that are always wrong and create problems. Because of their low level of knowledge and lack of abilities to communicate with the outer world, they seek power in the form of disrespect and fighting.

There may be many other reasons to why trolls do what they do and why they do it. There can never be one main reason for somebody’s doings since everyone is different in mind and nature. The best thing to do when around people of that mindset is to ignore them because it will eventually kill them off when the fire they try to ignite does not erupt which will cause them to go looking for other places to attack. There is no sure way to stop them and it is not of such importance either because good and bad people are everywhere, it is just the way they treat each other and the people around them that makes them different.

There is no denying that trolling has become the absurd way of popularizing yourself via funny commenting and stupid kinds of jokes online. That is why it shouldn’t have been promoted on the web, because it immensely hurts your hearts. Rather, a perfect way is to come on the social media forum and discuss the real knowledge and share the profitable information with the people over the World Wide Web. This will generate the quality of traffic; you are looking for it, eventually.

Here you will learn more about troll, trolls and internet trolls.

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3 Ways to Stop Trolls from Con-Trolling the Internet

Trolls have made the internet a no-go area for some people, especially social networking sites in which people have started to avoid joining in on the conversation just due to the fear involved in being insulted and embarrassed in front of a group of unknown users. Trolls might not actually realise it, but they have made public forums and discussion areas much less popular than they could actually be. It is common nowadays on the internet that if 100,000 people view a certain page, only 0.002% of those people actually participate in any actual conversation about it. The statistics were much higher before, but ever since trolls have started popping up everywhere, people are less comfortable in sharing their thoughts with others now.

1. Develop Software

Software which could block such comments from being posted should be used on websites where the common public can openly discuss. It would be much easier for other users if such software would be incorporated in the websites themselves. This step would cause immediate building in trust of the people and slowly giving them a feeling of welcoming into the virtual world.

2. Moderators

There are moderators in every forum, but they are still not enough to block the trolling onslaught these trolls attack with. The most common users of a forum should also be made into moderators to regulate conversations between the people, thus, less trolling almost immediately.

When common people will be given the arms to fight against trolls, these trollers do not stand a chance against them. It is only the will to survive that gives people a reason to fight, and attacking trolls is probably one of the most fun things to do when it really gets personal.

3. Apply Memberships

When people would have to pay a minimum monthly fee let’s say only as a refundable security as long as trolling is not done, than trolls would be cleared away like a tsunami clears a town. Trolls usually drop by any blog and forum, create an ID within seconds and start trolling away. If money would be needed (again full refundable), than these trolls would not dare come this way.

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