Reverse number Phone Lookup ?Stop Prank Calls By investigating details

Technology has been evolving in face of us with a blink of an eye. From transportation, message and entertainment, technology contributed a huge fraction and improved our method of living. One day you’re using large cellular phones with lengthy antennas and the next day comes the widescreen, colored feel phones. A lot of things have changed during the years. You can’t even memorize the cell phone models any longer; years ago you can merely count them with your fingers. Cellular phones have been extremely necessary to everybody. It’s a transferable, convenient and a simple method to converse and be entertained.

Everybody is emotionally involved to their phones. This device can create you feel concerned of your surroundings, it keeps you rationalized. Other than have you all knowledge receiving prank calls from anybody? You should never let a prank caller get absent from what they did. An extra new technology could aid you track down who gave you the nameless call. It’s called reverse phone lookup.

It is extremely simple to track your prank caller via reverse phone lookup; you now have to disburse a few bucks first to increase right to use, particularly if he called you with a cellular number. A few bucks can provide you many reliable sources. Reverse phone lookups can be used online. You just have to kind the prank caller’s number in the search box, then click search.

In turn about the caller will come into view. His name, address, landline number, office phone number even illegal records may be shown on the screen. You will have whole data that your prank caller was and he or she would positively obtain busted!

Currently, it is up to you what you desire to do concerning it. Perhaps teach him a lesson? Or engage in recreation the game with him without him knowing? It is all up to you! You can have whole control over the condition and let your prank caller have what he deserves.

These extremely confidential details for an unknown phone number can only be uncover by Reverse number Phone Lookup. Not to worry since you are at right place, you can now find a quality service by visiting following site-

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Cell Phone Reverse Lookup – How to Stop Prank Calls Today!

Surveys show that over half of the population in America will end up receiving these annoying prank calls and what is even worse is it doesn’t stop at the adolescent age. A large percent of the population who have complained about the annoying calls seem to be adults – especially ladies who have complained they are receiving these calls with irritating regularity.

The biggest problem with these prank calls is that we don’t seem to be able to trace where the call is coming from. This problem encourages these ‘pranksters’ to continue with their immature jokes. Some people end up changing their phone number, but that is only going to be a temporary solution which can become very annoying especially when you have to tell your friends, family, or business associates about your new number.

There is however, one solution, and this solution is the amazing service of ‘Cell Phone Reverse Lookup’. If you haven’t heard of this then you really need to get up to date! This service has been around for some years now and it uses some very simple, but at the same time effective techniques to trace down the details of a phone number. Find who owns a cell phone or landline number. Results include name, address, and more.

Technology is now evolving and now you are able to access all sorts of information. The net is full of systems that allow you to find out the details of the number at hand no matter if it is a cell number or even a landline number. You have the power to find out the address, name and personal details of the number you are trying to track down and the best part is it is easy to use and all for the price of a McDonald’s meal.

If you are getting those annoying prank calls, then take note of the number and use a reverse phone service to find out the owner name and address, phone type – landline or mobile, people search and more on the prankster, and see how funny they find it when the tables are turned.

Are you sick of those harassing phone calls? Want instant relief?
Then you might want to try “Reverse Phone Detective” at and find out who owns the cell phone or landline number. Go ahead, try it for free.

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Using A Reverse Phone Lookup To Stop Nuisance Prank Callers

People often receive unexpected, disturbing phone calls during the night or very early in the morning. This can be incredibly frightening, especially if family members are known to have serious medical problems.

Often these calls are being made by some disturbed individual thinking they are being funny, or someone carrying a grudge for some reason. Calls made from landlines can generally be traced by the landline reverse phone lookup systems at the disposal of the responsible phone company and can be stopped comparatively easy as a result.

Nuisance calls made from cell phones, however, somewhat complicate things. Phone companies can not trace them, as most cell phones are neither listed nor registered to particular users in general directories.

Contacting the police is of little use, as their response usually consists of telling the worried person that the calls will probably stop if they are ignored. This, of course, is easier said than done if one has to answer the phone in case there really is an emergency.

Using Reverse Phone Lookup websites
The independent Reverse Phone Lookup database offering their services on the Internet are the best possible solution in this type of situation. These websites offer individuals a chance to search for the names and addresses of cell phone users by simply typing the relevant number into a search bar.

Reverse phone lookup generally does not come free of charge for cell phone numbers, because the fact that numbers and users are not listed in any regular and easily accessible directories makes a search incredibly difficult and often involves searching through dozens, if not hundreds of related databases.

Most services facilitating reverse phone lookup will also make it clear right from the start that it is not always possible to come up with results for the above mentioned reasons. Some companies will still charge for their reverse phone lookup searches even if it has not been possible to locate the owner of the number, others will only charge if a result has actually been provided.

When the name and address of a nuisance caller have been determined through reverse phone lookups, it is often possible to stop the calls by simply contacting the caller and threatening them with the police. The simple fact that the person they have been calling has found out their name and address through reverse lookup is often enough to stop them permanently.

If this is not enough, there are two possible options. Either the name and address can be given to the police with a request to contact the caller, or the network provider of the caller, usually also provided by reverse phone lookups, can be contacted with a complaint about the caller.

More often than not, the network provider will initially warn the caller, followed by the phone being blocked if the caller persists in making the nuisance calls. In either case, reverse phone lookup will make it possible to stop these irritating, frightening calls and regain one’s peace of mind.


A reverse cell phone lookup may be necessary if you cannot find the source of a strange phone number. Here is a guide that will explain how to perform a reverse phone lookup.

Reverse Phone Lookup Service – Stop Prank Calls

Learning how to go about tracing the identity of anonymous persons using famous reverse phone lookup websites is quite an easy way of stopping them from making prank calls? The menace of prank calls has never been so disconcerting before? But, it is up to us to make a bold move and stop those persons from bothering us in future. If we pass it over, within a matter of time it would turn into a bigger issue, making us regret for not having attended to it properly. But why should we rue for something which we could easily deal with? Reverse phone lookup websites are surfacing thick and fast, you can take their problems to those websites and they have their technical interfaces to help you get around such issues easily.

Built on superior platforms that carry advanced state of identification protocols, reverse phone lookup websites are doing the best they could in helping concerned users find relevant information. With finding such information becoming so easier, people who were afraid of indulging in to such stealth operations are coming to terms with the importance of getting hold of mysterious persons to whom making prank calls gives a world of pleasure.

Almost, every website that is touted to be one of the best if not the best knows how to provide hassle-free services. To have such websites list out information on the anonymous caller who floods your inbox with messages and keeps making prank calls, all you need to do is just feed in the appropriate phone number in the intended text field and press enter. After that, every piece of information that you wanted in first place would appear just the way you want it to. What else could you ask for? To further simplify the process of generating results, many reverse phone lookup services are looking at bringing in the best of technology at different points in time. This is why prank calls and the issues they cause in your life are going to be obsolete as soon as you start using the best paid reverse phone lookup sites out there. The reason why I specifically point to paid sites is that they are actually well maintained and updated at regular intervals as opposed to free reverse phone lookup services which hold a bulk of incomplete yet junk data. Make a move and put an end to those troubling prank calls.

Recent advancements in technology have made searching for people by cell phones much easier. With reverse phone number lookup, you can now pinpoint geographical regions, cell phone movement, and even potential addresses.

Ways to Stop Prank Calls

There is nothing worse than being the recipient of prank calls. Perhaps someone keeps phoning you from a number that you don’t recognize, and hang up as soon as you answer, or doesn’t speak at all. Maybe someone is phoning you, asking to speak to “Charles”, and when you say that this is not his cell phone number the person begins asking you personal information about yourself. People seem to be very inventive when it comes to making prank calls. Most of them are harmless, but you need to take them all seriously and stop prank calls before they get serious.

These prank calls become especially annoying, when someone is phoning your cell phone and you are using your valuable cell phone minutes. Who wants to pay to receive a prank call?

To talk or not to talk?

If you find the need to talk to a prank caller, do not use any threatening language. If they have your cell phone number, they can easily find out your name and address, leaving you in a vulnerable position. It is preferable for you not to respond to a prank caller in any way, but to immediately end the call.

Something to try first

If you are not the inquisitive type and you just want the prank calls to end, then you should firstly try to block the phone number from being able to phone you. You can do this by setting your cell phone to ‘auto-reject’ the number. It does not mean, however, that the prank caller won’t wake up to your tactics and begin phoning you from a different number.

Reporting the situation

If the situation is still causing you a great deal of concern, your next step is to either visit your local police station or contact your phone provider. Different phone providers have different policies on who should be your first point of contact. Some providers ask that you first contact your local police station over the matter before bringing it to them. There are certain things that both the police and phone companies can do to stop prank calls, by putting tracking onto your phone, or by stopping the calls from reaching you in the first place.

Self investigation

You can do some research yourself to discover the identity of who it is that is phoning you. You can do a reverse lookup on the telephone number that has been making the prank calls. There is a free reverse phone lookup facility on White Pages. This will only give you the information you need if it is a residential landline number and that the person has chosen to be publicly available. You may be lucky enough to find the information you need at White Pages, but many phone numbers are ex-directory, including nearly all cell phone numbers.

A different strategy is required in order to do a reverse lookup on a cell phone. You will need to use a specialized service to do this. These services pay to access millions of phone records through agreements with mobile phone carriers and phone companies, and create huge databases. In order to comply with the legal restraint of such information not allowed to be in the public domain (i.e. freely available) and to compensate the service for their outlay and their work, there is a fee payable to do a reverse cell phone lookup. Should the search prove fruitless, even after their personal investigation on your behalf, your payment is refunded.

All you need to do in order to do a reverse cell phone lookup is to enter the area code and the seven digit cell phone number into the search box, and after just a few seconds you will have access to any available information. You can choose a yearly subscription in which you can do many lookups, or just purchase a report on an individual number. Then you will have the information that you need in order to stop prank calls.

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3 Ways to Stop Trolls from Con-Trolling the Internet

Trolls have made the internet a no-go area for some people, especially social networking sites in which people have started to avoid joining in on the conversation just due to the fear involved in being insulted and embarrassed in front of a group of unknown users. Trolls might not actually realise it, but they have made public forums and discussion areas much less popular than they could actually be. It is common nowadays on the internet that if 100,000 people view a certain page, only 0.002% of those people actually participate in any actual conversation about it. The statistics were much higher before, but ever since trolls have started popping up everywhere, people are less comfortable in sharing their thoughts with others now.

1. Develop Software

Software which could block such comments from being posted should be used on websites where the common public can openly discuss. It would be much easier for other users if such software would be incorporated in the websites themselves. This step would cause immediate building in trust of the people and slowly giving them a feeling of welcoming into the virtual world.

2. Moderators

There are moderators in every forum, but they are still not enough to block the trolling onslaught these trolls attack with. The most common users of a forum should also be made into moderators to regulate conversations between the people, thus, less trolling almost immediately.

When common people will be given the arms to fight against trolls, these trollers do not stand a chance against them. It is only the will to survive that gives people a reason to fight, and attacking trolls is probably one of the most fun things to do when it really gets personal.

3. Apply Memberships

When people would have to pay a minimum monthly fee let’s say only as a refundable security as long as trolling is not done, than trolls would be cleared away like a tsunami clears a town. Trolls usually drop by any blog and forum, create an ID within seconds and start trolling away. If money would be needed (again full refundable), than these trolls would not dare come this way.

Here you will learn more about troll, trolls and internet trolls.

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