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Become the enemy in Dark Souls 2's best troll
This prank mimics one perfected in the original Dark Souls; this go-around is a little tougher because there the game applies more distinctive stances and animations to player characters. At a quick glance, though, it's still good enough to fool a lot …
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Is Champ there? Guy uses John Cena to troll poor lady in prank call
Imagine you're at home. Now imagine your phone rings and some dude is doing his best WWE ad spokesman complete with Cena's music. Then imagine they call back and continue trolling you over and over again with fake WWE pleas to watch John Cena …
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ScreenPop Lockscreen Messenger, Like Snapchat for Your Lock Screen
Say “hola” to ScreenPop Lockscreen Messenger, or just ScreenPop for short. This app's intention is to make the taking and sharing of photos much quicker with your inner circle, simply by making it all take place from your lock screen. What is this …
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Polarizing 'Neon Icon' plays The Blue Note
Houston rapper Riff Raff is something like a hip-hop Rorschach test. Over the course of his recent barrage on pop culture, it seems people see — and hear — in him what they choose. The MTV reality show contestant-turned-mixtape maker-turned …
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Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!
BEHIND THE SCENES – Pranks Here – so much for watching. January 21, 2015 12:04 pm • RomanAtwood · (0) Comments · View (0) Comments …
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EastEnders' Danny Dyer death hoax: Troll behind 'sick' prank says he is full
The troll behind a "sick" hoax which claimed EastEnders star Danny Dyer was dead has apologised and said he is full of remorse for the prank. Dad of two Daniel Parker, 24, set up a fake Facebook article headlined EastEnders Actor Danny Dyer Dies at Age …

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Gawker Pranks Coke – So What?
In addition to being side-splittingly humorous, the prank actually raises a serious question, although perhaps not the one Gawker intended: should brands be held responsible for stupid troll attacks that they obviously didn't intend or expect? The …
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Students hilariously troll professor with Indiana Jones theme
Students at Kent State University in Ohio noticed their professor continuouslywearing a rather famous type of hat and couldn't resist the urge to play a hilarious prank. We are a little disappointed though that they are studying computer applications …

Twitter Inc CEO Acknowledges Troll Abuse, Takes Full Responsibility
While some may think that trolling is just a prank of sorts, it can escalate to some serious issues like death threats as well. One of the users who faced harassment by users on Twitter is Lindy West, who has been a frequent target of Twitter trolls …
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Brutus Buckeye Defaces Jim Harbaugh Picture in Signing Day Prank
As you can see up top, Brutus Buckeye—Ohio State's mascot—took a break from celebrating the Buckeyes' national championship to troll his rival. Brutus probably isn't going to win Michigan's contest, but Ohio State administrators should give the …
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The Orchestrator Of The Fake Super Smash Bros. Rayman Leak Tells Us Why
Jacala: I guess it's a prank no matter what I call it, but overall, I just wanted to get my channel in front of the eyes of the Smash community so that I could have an open dialogue for suggestions for future art I do. ….. What a troll master… or …
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Law Enforcement Is Treating Online Trolling Like a Serious Crime
When SWAT teams break into a home, they can cause property damage and lives are at risk. And yet it remains a popular prank among gamers and hacking scenesters. A gamer who goes by Koopatroopa787 was swatted last week, and he later explained on …
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Dangerous 'swatting' prank terrorizes gamer's family
Oxton said police have to respond to these types of calls as if they are real. Peters said he had been trained for active shooter situations, and stayed calm. But he was angry a prankster or "troll" would put his family in such a frightening and …
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Students post fake Rites of Spring lineup
Editor-in-chief James Cross said that the posters were just meant “to troll,” and the prank was based on a similar one pulled off by The Slant's staff in 2006. “They (the 2006 staff) said Ben Folds was headlining and through some weird situational …
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One Direction Fans Just Got Hit By The Meanest Twitter Prank Ever
Whether this was a prank by another fandom (could it be you, 5SOS peeps?!) or simply one mean troll's way of trying to upset people, it doesn't matter because the tour's opening night in Sydney, Australia was nothing short of incredible. Don't believe us?

Find out everything you need to know about hacking collective Anonymous
Through 4chan, groups of anonymous members would organise "raids", where they would descend on other messageboards or proto-social media networks and sabotage or troll them (in the original sense) – or a bit of both – or make prank phone calls.
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