Kodak news in 2011

According to the Wall Street Journal, once the optical photography giant Eastman Kodak has hired professional supplies for bankruptcy reorganization lawyers and may soon is filing for bankruptcy protection. Affected by this news, Kodak shares closed on Friday plunged 53.84% reported $ 0.910 per share.

2011-10-3 Kodak News
Kodak, which delivered the first consumer camera in 1888, denied it had a bankruptcy plan, saying it was committed to meeting its obligations and is still looking for ways to “monetize” its patent portfolio. News drives the company’s stock price rising more than 70% from Monday’s close.

1990s peak, Kodak was once the market value of over $ 30 billion, however, due to decreased demand for cameras and film cameras with the rise of smart phones, Kodak’s market value has dropped 98 percent, has less than 600 million U.S. dollar.

Kodak in the past seven years, there has been six years into the red. But as the century-old Kodak, after all, even a died thin camel looks larger than a horse, Kodak announced last month it would sell a number of patented technologies, the company owns a number of potential buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement on this. Preparation sold 1100 patents expecting to bring Kodak’s patents up to 20 billion dollars in revenue.

In the Web Store in www.Kodak.com , there are some products such as Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras, Kodak Video Cameras, Frames, AiO Printers. In Kodak Digital Cameras, new product: EASYSHARE Camera / Z5010, EASYSHARE TOUCH Camera / M5370, EASYSHARE Camera / M5350. In Digital Video Cameras, new product: PLAYSPORT Video Camera, BURTON Edition / Zx5, PLAYFULL Waterproof Video Camera.

All of output Video from Kodak EasyShare cameras is MOV format. MOV Video is an apple QuickTime video format, suit for apple Mac system OS. And you can easily import Kodak Video to iMovie, put Kodak MOV to Final Cut Pro or Final Cut express.

And some of Kodak Video Cameras, such as Kodak Zi8, Kodak Playsport Zx3 output format are also MOV format. In order to fit for more Mobile devices such as iPhone iPad blackberry, the new Kodak Video Camera (PLAYSPORT Video Camera, BURTON Edition / Zx5, Kodak Playfull, Playtouch) changes the output format from MOV to MP4. So you can put Kodak Video to iPad, play Kodak Video on iPhone.

But all the output video from Kodak cameras cannot be imported to WMM, if you want to edit Kodak MP4 to Windows Movie Maker or import Kodak MOV to windows movie maker. Some error will happen. So you should convert Kodak video to WMV. Video Converter Kodak is a video converter for Kodak Cameras, which you can install it both Windows 7 and Mac OS Lion.

Periods of history can always tell the people some of the stories, Kodak is the same, it was also brilliant, and many of the best film was Kodak’s presence becomes a classic. Kodak has been in a hundred years of history, and I hope from my heart it is an early out of dilemma, helping mankind to create more legend. People is always selfish, if the day really goes out of Kodak, and the Kodak Video Converter is not long a life.

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