Glitter bomber gives up on popular prank service

Glitter bomber gives up on popular prank service
Product Hunt's Ryan Hoover called it the “ultimate troll product” and Carpenter's site promised to ship with malice. “There's someone in your life right now who you f—ing hate,” according to the website's mission statement. “Whether it be your sh—y …
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Rams players had no idea Jeff Fisher was going to troll RG3 during coin toss
Bailey had no idea he was just a mere pawn in his coach's diabolical prank. Just minutes before the coin toss, coach Jeff Fisher approached Bailey and five other players and told them they would he handling the coin toss duties against Washington. "We …

Prank on Pizza Delivery Guy Goes Viral and Backfires, Prompting Public to
Of all things, a pizza delivery has sparked a viral firestorm this morning. Delivery guy Jarrid Tansey was berated by people at a Westport, Mass. car dealership after dropping off pizza to them, all of which was caught on video. “Close the door before …
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