Malta and the News!

If you are a tourist, you need to keep abreast with the latest news updates in the international and local scene. Just because you are on a vacation in a relaxing Hotels Malta room, it doesn’t mean that you have to tune out with the rest of the world.

Reading the about the news or watching it on television sometimes gives you a sense of doom and despair because of all the bad things happening in the world. You get to know what is actually happening in the world you are living in and what events are about to take place. Newspapers announce ahead of time if there are planned electricity shut downs or parades in a particular street. Aside from getting information about political events, crime, business, arts, sports, it helps you pass the time away. Newspapers contain editorials and cartoons.

If you are really bored, try comparing your local newspapers to those of Maltese newspapers.

First Make use of the resources that are already found within the Malta hotels. The Hotels Malta that you may be staying in have televisions that allow you to watch news networks like CNN and BBC as these are widely watched in the whole world. This will help you keep up with the international scene. However, there are local news channels that show viewers important happenings in the local scene. You can tune in the television set in Hotels Malta to local news broadcast PBS and Super One. If your Hotels Malta room has a radio, try tuning in to RTK. But keep in mind that the radio broadcaster might speak in Maltese than in English. If that is the case, try getting copies of newspapers.

Second: If you are staying hotels in Malta, the hotel will have a supply of international newspapers and local newspapers. Local news papers include L Orizzont, Times, Kull Hadd, Business Today, Malta Today, It Torca, Malta Business Weekly, and Malta Independent. It is highly questionable if Hotels Malta will have a supply of all of these newspapers. If you want to get a particular newspaper, yet the Hotels Malta does not have a copy or just ran out of it, buy the newspaper outside of the Hotels Malta in newspaper stands, book shops, supermarkets etc.

Third Television, radio and newspapers have been discussed, there are internet sites that offer news about Malta. You can access the latest news by logging your laptop into the internet in the comforts of your Hotels Malta room. Internet sites that provide vital news include Di Ve, Malta Right Now, Malta Star, Maltamedia, EIN News, Index Mundi, Inside Europe, News Now, One World and Topic. These are reliable internet new sites. It’s important to read newspapers or watch the news even if you are on vacation.

If you cannot make use of the available resources in Hotels Malta to get the latest news, you can go to local shops that sell news papers. To know more about the places where you can buy newspapers, ask the Hotels Malta front desk agents.

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