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There have been a heap of Iraqi Dinar updates for the past two years and one of these is the current trading value of the Iraq currency which is nearly 1166 to 1 US dollar. Another expected updates is the awaited revaluation of Iraq’s currency because from the moment that this awaited revaluation will take its occurrence, three Dinar will be equivalent to 1 US dollar. This is a promising event for lots of investors who have invested in it.

The modern economists of today are even more hopeful that Iraq’s economy will have a constant growth so that the country’s current currency may yield significant profits to lots of investors and other aspiring investors inside and outside the country. Few years before the last term of Saddam Hussein, one million Dinar were to reach at the top but right after a few years from the war it had with the US military and from the stepping down of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the country had managed to improve its economic situation giving its one million Dinar to have an very less equivalent to 1000 USD from several present exchange dealers.

The revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar is very well expected by lots of economists and investors because the economy of the country is slowly spreading its arms to new opportunities. One of its newly promising opportunities is the country’s oil source. From the moment that the country discovered its abundant oil reserves, lots of oil companies and nations have signed contracts with the country for oil reserves. The oil reserves will definitely open new doors for Iraq to gain new opportunities to improve its economy for the next years to come.

But even if the country got new opportunities that can lead to the revaluation of its Dinar, still, the revaluation of the Iraq Dinar is under the authority and provision of the Development Fund for Iraq protection But the revaluation of the currency will be delayed because the United Nations Security Council just declined the country’s appeal for an extension of DFI protection of one year. Fortunately, the UNSC decided to give the country a protection for six months. And for this reason, the revaluation is expected to happen after the month of June

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