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There are various international issues which make effect to other nations too especially developing countries in Asian region. Thus, it needs utmost care to maintain an eagle eye view on issues which going to affect a nation economy, policy, and other strategic issues. There are various news channels and agencies which covers all these aspects globally and regionally. There is International defence news which affects other nation adversely. The prominent International news came in picture are US Marine Corps test F-35B in sea, malware attack on US defence system, Sino-US security issues, Indian Navy is now ready to increase its manpower strength.

There were also rumors in the news about the virus attack on the control system of aircraft in the US air force, but it was not the critical matter as it had been ineffective readily and leaving back no much harm. In order to tackle the rising level of technological weapons with other nations, India has also started planning to increase his manpower strength and innovation in technological aspect in the field of artillery. MIG 29K has been introduced to upgrade Vikramaditya.

The P8I aircraft would be introduced for patrol in the year of 2013. F-35B is state of the art technologically advanced aircraft which land straight downwards on the stormy ship Wasp and take off from the ship successfully. China is working on a new project which includes the construction of tunnel to make storage of nuclear missiles. It runs for about 5000 km in length. India has made a remarkable achievement in the field of artilleries by purchasing T-72 recovery vehicle. The recovery vehicle would be obtained from a foreign company Bummer.

There is also asian defence agency which takes care of possible threats in the region. There are also defence agencies on national and regional level within the countries in the Asian region. There were also some prominent issues which were in news some times ago such as the issue of the security matter between the China and United states. China is rising not only in technological paradigms but also in various other strategic aspects including security concerns of national importance.

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