Undergo A Memorable Fishing Trip: Make use of Trolling Lures

No matter how repeatedly a fishing expedition is taken, towing a boat down to the dockyard is an action that is looked at with anxiety. Bringing an exclusive boat to where you are crusing off is a problem to an ordinary car owner, but taking a huge fishing journey would be a decent enough defense to understand how to do so carefully and securely.

The first item you require to carry out is to check your 4WD motor automobile. Make sure that its gas tank is filled and that the tires are not flat. It’s hard enough pulling into a gas station with a enormous vehicle; it would be ridiculous with a trailer and boat hitched up to it. Check the tires also. Getting a flat tire after hitching it up, just wouldn’t work out for both the trailer and the vehicle. Shifting the tire on a totally loaded trailer or a hitched car is enough to put the constraint on any expedition. Guarantee that the trailer is in equilibrium. Put the dinghy watchfully so it won’t tip over or backwards and the core of gravity is low. Get to it that the craft is steady in place and that its gas tank and tire are filled to elude acquiring troubles while driving the trailer. To make sure that the craft is protected, confirm it once more in at least two places. Make use of ratchet straps to make the ties locked. Make sure that the trailer’s connections are secure and that all the chains are attached. ¬†Utilize the trailer’s surge brake and that the tank is full of brake fluid.

As soon as you’re out and driving, make use of all the mirrors plus be sure the two sides of the trailer are clear out. Provide time for changes while you are driving and avoid rapid stops and turns. Upon arrival, park the trailer within the accurate place when trying to launch the dinghy. Let a person direct you throughout this process. As soon as the dinghy is on water, put on your supplies and set up the trolling lures, get the baits prepared and be all set to fish.

For more information on trolling lures please visit scentblazer.com. If you’re looking to buy a 4×4 please visit my Toyota Hilux website.

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Troll Heroes – New Perspectives For Responding to Bullies

Bullies are a fact of life. Often there are hidden benefits to your interactions with a bully that you might miss because they are so effective at “finding your buttons.”

Try to think of the bully as serving a purpose in your life that might be subtle. For example, what if he’s bad to you? He wants credit for your work, he wants to sabotage your project, and he is prepared to say bad things about you to important people.

Don’t get mad.

Assume that this person is your hero. Granted, he or she still looks like a Troll.

It’s your job to figure out why.

Think hard about the role this person is playing. In what way could the very existence of this ugly personality being serving your life’s purpose?

Perhaps this person is actually offering an alternative target for others. By stepping in to get the credit, he or she actually assumes the blame if anything goes wrong. That allows you to fly under the radar. Unless you are absolutely certain that all will go perfectly, this “cover” may be the best thing that could happen to you.

Are you worried that the other person will get ahead at your expense? Try to be just a little philosophical. Perhaps he or she will get ahead, temporarily, but if the person really did take the credit without doing the work, at some point the Troll will have to perform. If the person has never done the work, it is only a matter of time before that becomes clear to others as well. Remember what they say, “He will get his.”

Are you afraid that this person is going to hurt your reputation?

Get clear about your priorities. You will never be able to control what others think of you. Stop trying to do so. Worry about your work, what is going well (and what is not) and take your mind off your popularity. It is not really relevant in the long run.

If this person is able to sway others against you, ask yourself if that serves some purpose for you. Assume that whatever influence the Troll has is pushing you in a direction you would not otherwise go. If you are seeking some recognition, tangible or intangible, perhaps you are not so ready for whatever it is you think he or she is taking away.

This Troll is keeping you from being accountable for getting ahead of yourself. Don’t let fear or impatience spoil your ability to recognize when you are being protected from yourself!

Toni Lynn Chinoy has written multiple texts on leadership, bullies, power games and more. She is the founder of Harlan-Evans, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in effective organizational change and coaches senior leaders on how to respond to crisis. Her book, Handling Critical Moments with Grace which takes the reader through many examples of how to handle critical, life defining moments with GRACE, can be found, along with her other books on the Harlan-Evans, Inc. web site leadership books.

Internet Marketing Tips – Dealing With Forum Trolls

Forum trolls…every forum has them. It is a fact of life that you’re not going to get away from. It’s kind of like death and taxes. However, just because they are a fact of life doesn’t mean you have to lie down and do nothing about them. There are things you can do about forum trolls. The main thing, however, is not to become one yourself. This article will explain what trolls are and what you can do about them.

A forum troll is essentially somebody who comes to a forum for the express purpose of causing trouble. That is their main function in life. They will, many times, make an off color remark, usually one that is totally ludicrous, and then sit back and watch the ensuing chaos. They live for this. Well, as a responsible forum member, aside from not becoming one of these yourself, there is something you can do about these trolls.

For starters, don’t feed them. In other words, when one starts a thread for the purpose of causing trouble, ignore them. Don’t respond to their ranting. If everybody would do this, the thread itself would have just one post…the troll’s. Eventually, the troll will get bored and leave. Yes, I know this is hard to do. You just want to take a club and bat these idiots over the head, but ignoring them is the best solution.

Next, report the troll to the forum admin. This will alert them to the problem and they’ll then be able to take care of them by deleting their account. Trust me, most administrators have absolutely no tolerance for forum trolls. As soon as you spot one and report it, it shouldn’t be more than minutes before the pest is out of your hair for good.

I don’t envy people who run forums. There are a lot of problems to contend with, forum trolls being one of them. But if we all do our part, ignoring them and then reporting them to the forum admin, we can help keep our favorite forum from turning into a house of vermin.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Electric Trolling Motor Tips – Part 2 of 2


Electric trolling motor props typically come in either 2, 3 or 4 blade versions. A 2 blade electric trolling motor prop is made for speed and power. This would be the prop of choice when fishing open water, deep water, and/or big water.

However, a 2 bladed prop does not fare well in the weeds. The weeds will simply get wrapped around your 2 bladed prop, and will eventually prevent it from spinning. This means you will need to constantly stop fishing, take your electric trolling motor out of the water, clean the weeds off your prop, and then get back to fishing.

Not much fun and definitely not how you want to spend your time especially if you’re in a tournament! Besides taking up your valuable fishing time, your electric motor will also be working much harder, trying to turn your prop which is choked by weeds. This will end up using double the amount of battery power, meaning you will run out of power sooner.

A 3 or 4 blade prop will actually eat through weeds, chewing them up along the way. This will allow you to fish the weeds very effectively. Your boat will go where you want it to go, and the prop will remain generally free of weeds allowing you more time to fish.

So although a 3 or 4 blade prop does not have the same power as a 2 blade prop, it gets the nod for fishing weedy areas and typically shallow water lakes or bays.

Bow Mount or Transom Mount

Whatever your preference, bow mount or transom mount, be sure to have a fish finder in close view. It is essential to be able to see the structure you are fishing, as you are moving along with your electric motor… it’s actually a must!

Personally, I prefer a bow mounted electric trolling motors as I like to fish form the front of the boat & I find that the boat is easier to control from this position. A bow mounted electric trolling motor also gets the nod if your main use for your electric motor is working structure.

If you are actually using your electric trolling motor to slowly & quietly troll along, then a transom mounted electric trolling motor is ideal for this situation.

Brands and a Key Tip to Consider

I personally use a Motor Guide, but Min Kota also makes a good electric trolling motor. These 2 brands seem to be the top 2 on the market. I would suggest that if you are comparing the 2 brands, pay close attention to the foot pedal.

The foot pedal is the key part of the operation and you will be spending most of your time using the foot pedal. So you will want to look at both models & ask if you can “test drive” them. Select the one you are most comfortable using.

Foot pedal comfort and ease of operation are important factors to consider when choosing an electric trolling motor.

As we say at Thundermist Lure Company… fish the good life!

Ivo Coia http://www.thundermistfishingtips.com/about-ivo/