3 Rules For Creating Great Prank Calls

Prank calls can be bothersome if some hooligan from your neighborhood calls every night at 3am with some ridiculous story or simply to hang up on you. These types of prank calls may seem threatening and annoying, but there are phone pranks that are quite funny when performed by friends. In fact, sometimes the best joke calls from friends or buddies can be just what you need to put a smile back on your face after a long day. This is why friends that have close relationships or simply humorous relationships often enjoy placing phone pranks on each other on a regular basis.

In fact, sometimes joke calls may become a routine between people as each party tries to outdo the other with tales and more absurd pranks. Disguising voices and coming up with original quips on a regular basis can be a great way to lighten the mood and get some real enjoyment out of life. After all, a prank call only takes five minute to do but can be something that you talk about for weeks with your friend. Before you try one out however, there are a few basics to prank calls that you should know about.

First of all, if you want to make a great prank call you have to invest yourself in it. The best prank calls are ones in which the caller remains completely serious and detached. Laughing will always blow the joke even if you try your best to contain the laughter afterwards. This is because once the tone is broken the person on the other end of the line will know that it is a joke and whatever else you say will lose its power.

Second, in order to keep your joke calls straight, you need to know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it before you phone. If you do not have a great idea of what to say you may get nervous or distracted and lose your place ruining the punch line or forgetting what comes next in the middle of the call ruining the effect. For excellent prank calls, you may even consider writing out the script beforehand so you can read it as you go which should help with keeping a detached attitude so that the person you are pranking falls for it.

Finally, always make it a point not to be mean or malicious. Prank calls are meant as jokes and to bring a smile to someone’s face, or at the very face be kind of annoying. They should not be threatening or made with the idea of hurting someone because words can hurt much more than you think. IN the end you should have fun and so should the person on the other side of the phone even though they may be a bit embarrassed when they realize what I going on.

Making great phone pranks is an art, but some people have a hard time keeping a straight face. For people with this problem, there are even services online that can help you make prank calls or do them for you with a small charge which or course is the perfect way to up the ante and really get a friend good.

Catch a Prank Caller – Reverse Phone Search!

Have you ever been awakened by a prank caller in the middle of the night? Are you getting mysterious phone calls from the same unidentified number? You may be among the thousands of people who fall prey to annoying prank callers every single day. Fortunately, there is now an easy way for you to identify these callers and fight back. This is the online system called a reverse phone search.

Simply log on to a reverse cell phone lookup website, type in the phone number of your prank caller and within seconds you will have all information associated with that number. The system gives you details such as the phone number owner’s name, address, occupation, and other important details. The given data will primarily tell you whether you know the person or not. From this knowledge, you can decide on what your next step will be.

If you find that the prank caller is someone you know then you could confront him about the calls and ask him to stop. Otherwise, you can report the incidence to the local authorities and give them the information that you have gathered from the reverse phone number lookup so that they can check out the prank caller and arrest him if necessary. You could also choose to wait for the next call wherein you can tell the prankster everything you know about him. This should effectively make him stop calling you.

Whatever course of action you decide to take, there is no question that a reverse phone lookup can provide you with very useful information that you can use against any prankster. You no longer need to suffer from those late night calls. Why should you, when you now have a very accessible investigative tool by which to catch prank callers? Finally, you can get back to an uninterrupted beauty rest.

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How You Can Catch a Prank Caller – Trace Call

If you want to catch that annoying prank caller, you could actually do it with just a computer and an Internet connection. It is quite obvious that broadband technology has greatly improved and is showing no sign of slowing down when it comes to innovations. Even mobile technology now can do things that no one thought would be possible before. In the old times, you would have to rely on the manual searching private investigators do whenever you need something looked up but today, with just a few clicks, you could get the results you need in less than two minutes.

Of course, these services are not entirely free because trace call service providers still have to pay for the information that they have. They either get the information in their database directly from mobile phone companies or from third party companies that deal with providing information regarding mobile phone subscribers. And they are not about to hand the information that they have to you without asking for a price. There is Google, of course, that is always reliable but since mobile phone numbers are often private matters, these are not likely to e published on the web. Unlike home phone numbers, mobile numbers are not listed so Googling the owner of certain numbers would not be easy.

Seems like you would really have to rely on these reverse cell phone service providers after all but that is nothing to be sad about because once you find an excellent website that could give you what you need, you will be satisfied. You would not only be able to get the full name of the mobile phone owner, you would also get his or her address complete with a map. Even the things you want to know about his or her relatives and more personal information would be given to you.

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Top 10 April Fool’s Day Pranks

With spring right around the corner, it is time for everyone to start preparing for the most important holiday of the year. That’s right, April Fool’s Day. If you’re looking to get a bang out of this year’s holiday, here is a list of ten simple April Fool’s Day pranks that will help you celebrate in style.

Ketchup Packets – place a ketchup packet on the rim of the toilet bowl where each of the stoppers from the bottom of the toilet seat will fall, then gently rest the toilet seat on top of them. The next person that sits down will get ketchup smashed all over their thighs.

Fake Wedding Announcements – Take a picture, type up an announcement and send it to your parents, grandparents, or siblings. If you have a fake bride or groom willing to help, then you can stage an original photograph. If you don’t have a partner in crime then you can easily Photoshop your face onto any number of existing photographs online (check out AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com/). The more realistic it looks, the better the joke will be.

Rise and Shine – Set the victim’s alarm clock to go off in the middle of the night. It works best if you can do it after they’ve gone to sleep and can hide it somewhere in the room. Unscrewing light bulbs is also a nice effect so that they have to search for the screeching alarm clock in the dark.

Frozen Underwear – Steal a pair of your siblings/roommates/spouses underpants the night before April Fools Day, soak them in water, and place them in the freezer before you go to bed. While they’re in the shower the next morning, sneak the frozen pair back into their drawer.
Saran Wrapped Toilet Seat – stretch a sheet of saran wrap across the rim of the toilet seat and tape it down. Make sure it’s pulled tight and then lower the toilet seat. They won’t realize the bowl is covered until it’s too late.

The Taped Ice Cube – While your roommate/sibling/spouse is brushing their teeth before going to bed, tape an ice cube to the ceiling above their pillow. It works best if you use two strips of tape, leaving the center of the cube exposed. As the cube melts it will drip right onto their face.

Rubber Band on Sink Sprayer – Put a rubber band or elastic around the head of the sprayer next to the sink and make sure it’s aimed forward. When the next person turns on the sink, it will turn on the sprayer and soak the unlucky victim.

The Fake Out – Leave a note on your co-worker’s desk, your roommates mirror, or in a friend’s planner that simply says, “April Fools.” They’ll be looking over their shoulder all day long.
Sabotage the Work Place – Pester your co-workers by dipping the tips of their pencils in clear nail polish, taping the bottom of a computer mouse, or re-arranging keyboard keys.

Changing Clocks – Change all clocks in your home forward one hour. You could also change them back an hour but that may be risky if you cause someone to be late to an important event.

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