Ways to Stop Prank Calls

There is nothing worse than being the recipient of prank calls. Perhaps someone keeps phoning you from a number that you don’t recognize, and hang up as soon as you answer, or doesn’t speak at all. Maybe someone is phoning you, asking to speak to “Charles”, and when you say that this is not his cell phone number the person begins asking you personal information about yourself. People seem to be very inventive when it comes to making prank calls. Most of them are harmless, but you need to take them all seriously and stop prank calls before they get serious.

These prank calls become especially annoying, when someone is phoning your cell phone and you are using your valuable cell phone minutes. Who wants to pay to receive a prank call?

To talk or not to talk?

If you find the need to talk to a prank caller, do not use any threatening language. If they have your cell phone number, they can easily find out your name and address, leaving you in a vulnerable position. It is preferable for you not to respond to a prank caller in any way, but to immediately end the call.

Something to try first

If you are not the inquisitive type and you just want the prank calls to end, then you should firstly try to block the phone number from being able to phone you. You can do this by setting your cell phone to ‘auto-reject’ the number. It does not mean, however, that the prank caller won’t wake up to your tactics and begin phoning you from a different number.

Reporting the situation

If the situation is still causing you a great deal of concern, your next step is to either visit your local police station or contact your phone provider. Different phone providers have different policies on who should be your first point of contact. Some providers ask that you first contact your local police station over the matter before bringing it to them. There are certain things that both the police and phone companies can do to stop prank calls, by putting tracking onto your phone, or by stopping the calls from reaching you in the first place.

Self investigation

You can do some research yourself to discover the identity of who it is that is phoning you. You can do a reverse lookup on the telephone number that has been making the prank calls. There is a free reverse phone lookup facility on White Pages. This will only give you the information you need if it is a residential landline number and that the person has chosen to be publicly available. You may be lucky enough to find the information you need at White Pages, but many phone numbers are ex-directory, including nearly all cell phone numbers.

A different strategy is required in order to do a reverse lookup on a cell phone. You will need to use a specialized service to do this. These services pay to access millions of phone records through agreements with mobile phone carriers and phone companies, and create huge databases. In order to comply with the legal restraint of such information not allowed to be in the public domain (i.e. freely available) and to compensate the service for their outlay and their work, there is a fee payable to do a reverse cell phone lookup. Should the search prove fruitless, even after their personal investigation on your behalf, your payment is refunded.

All you need to do in order to do a reverse cell phone lookup is to enter the area code and the seven digit cell phone number into the search box, and after just a few seconds you will have access to any available information. You can choose a yearly subscription in which you can do many lookups, or just purchase a report on an individual number. Then you will have the information that you need in order to stop prank calls.

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Fake Degree Prank or Work Success

A fake online degree can certainly help you, maybe you want to play a prank with your friends, or you want to use it for a better job opportunity.

To acquire a Fake degree is very simple, as you only need little money and some time on the Internet. You can see yourself how stunned and amazed your neighbors would be, and you could be their main topic for gossip. Imagine your neighbors talking about you in the mall about you acquiring a fake degree in History. They would be assuming that you are a historian who is employed by various museums of the country to uncover or decode an ancient map.

Being in the spot light is always an amazing thing, provided you play your cards well. It is an amusing feeling one can get, when you are asked to assist the new girl in office or if someone wants to make a choice in buying a product on eBay.

If you are a playful kind, then you can acquire few fake degrees and display them in your living room. Your mother would be really overjoyed and over whelmed about your success, you can tell your cousins you are working as a programmer in a prominent software company, or you are a game designer for an online gaming website.

Your brother is back in town, flaunt your fake diploma in Marine Biology, which would make him jealous. Take him and his friends for a fishing trip and boast about your experience in the pacific, when you went for scuba diving and looking out for species of a rare blue fish. You can make them drop their jaws and comment about your experiences you had during an expedition in the south pacific, or how you enjoyed taking pictures of the Walrus’s for the National Geographic in the Falkland Islands.

If you are confident and impudent, you can make the world spin on your finger tips, just be careful to know you bit and do your homework; remember little knowledge is dangerous knowledge. Avoid making weird and bizarre assumptions like you have been Australia as a wildlife expert been on an elephant, or you are employed with Sony as a salesman and selling Samsung products.

A fake degree in Literature would add tint to your status when placed on your desk, as your fellow workers, clients or secretary would be surprised about your ability.

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A prank video to make your day

Life can become very monotonous and people need that break to get back with zest. If the same routine in life goes on after day and day then it, anyone is bound to get frustrated and then the frustration plays on the professionals and personal life as well. A great way to unwind is to do something, which one likes. This may be indulging in a hobby or this could also be playing a prank on someone. A prank, which is harmless and not played with the intention of causing any serious harm or pain, is something, which can put back zest and vigor in life. One can play the prank directly or physically with another person or one can make use of developing technology and send someone a prank video.


Today the internet has made so much progress and it is being used widely by so many people that it becomes very easy to fool someone or play a prank on them. If one wants to really fool his close friend or associate then all he has to do is to send him a prank email. Gone are the days of prank phone calls and today you have prank emails, prank SMSs and prank videos. Everybody has access to the internet and they all use it for some purpose or the other. Sending someone a prank email telling them they have won something in a online lottery or sending someone a video telling them that if they send it along to another five people then something very exciting will come up are ways to play a prank on someone using the internet.


The internet itself is full of ideas on how to play a prank on others. Some people play a prank on their friends and then shoot the whole thing using their camera phones. The next step is uploading the prank videos on their facebook profile for all their common friends to see and laugh at. The websites, which play videos, have a separate section for prank videos where one can find the most hilarious prank videos. These videos are shot in jest and some of them are very funny.

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Pranks and the aftereffects!!!!

To know when you should do or when you should refrain from doing things, seal your fate. We have done many crazy stupid things during our college days, where we did all kinds of things to have fun. We never realized the outcome of our all things, we missed our classes and some important lessons taught at colleges.

We never know that what all missed when we do such stupid things, but only people who have done such stupid things, understand how nice we feel after doing such things. To bunk lectures are the normal things, but to raid your teacher’s house at night is the stupid thing. We risk our career and everything by indulging in such things.

I still remember my picnic with my cousins to Panoramic resort Karnala near Panvel. We literally did screw up our parents with our behavior or mischief’s.  We stole our uncle’s swimming costume and put it the same in some other’s bag. It was only after that the person threw out the costume from his bag; uncle came to know that someone had played a trick on him. We were the obvious culprit considering our past.

After having some fun in the pool I went in to check my mobile. When I went in I found that my bag was missing. Initially I thought it was my cousin who was trying to pull some prank on me. I was not tensed initially but when we were about to move out from the Panoramic resort Karnala, I noticed that even he was panic when I was searching my bag. My parents started taunting that it is how everyone feels when I play pranks with them. I thought after saying this they will hand me over the bag but even they didn’t did it.

It was after complaining to the manager the person in whose bag I used to hide uncle’s costume, came with my bag. He said that everybody feels the same when they come to know that they have lost their thing. It was a good lesson for me and my cousins. Since that day we didn’t did such things which hurt the feeling of others. This is the universal truth that you wouldn’t realize the importance unless you experience the same. It was after complaining to the manager the person in whose bag I used to hide uncle’s costume, came with my bag. He said that everybody feels the same when they come to know that they have lost their thing. It was a good lesson for me and my cousins. Since that day we didn’t did such things which hurt the feeling of others. This is the universal truth that you wouldn’t realize the importance unless you experience the same

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He focuses on holidays/vacation rentals with savings.

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Types of Scary Pranks

Scary pranks are generally done on people with the goal of making them feel or look funny and silly, thereby leading to humorous effects. This has the same effect as telling a joke, although other items can be used and the conditions are brought to a whole new level. The victim is generally made to discover that he is the subject of the prank at the end of everything. Pranks can be funny, scary or both and can be quite fun and exciting when done properly or observed while progressing.

One Good Prank

One great scary prank involves downloading a maze game and setting this up on your laptop or personal computer. You should ask a friend or family member to start playing the game. Of course, maze games will require the person to put in a lot of effort, time and concentration solving everything. Prepare a scary picture and set this in a way that it suddenly pops out of nowhere or fills the entire screen. It is best to include sound effects for this scary prank for a shocking effect. Sit back and observe as your friend goes through the entire setup. You can do the same by letting a friend watch a serene scene or movie then putting a very scary picture in the middle.

More Scary Pranks

Another good scary prank is referred to as the skeleton motorcycle setup. This will require you to have some technical skills. Pulling everything off smoothly will require some practice and research on your part, but it does work wonders once you get everything right. To perform the prank, you will need to position a skeleton onto a motorcycle. Look for a model that has a movable mouth, to make it seem as if he’s talking. Connect a speaker on the skeleton and set the motorcycle using a remote control.

You can then set the skeleton on a motorcycle along a quiet part of the street, so that it starts to ride up to unsuspecting people. The skeleton will start moving up along and can talk to them. This is great if you can record everything with a video camera. Most people will run for their lives with this trick.

Another Classic Scary Prank

You can try getting a seemingly real mannequin head, then positioning it on the bed right beside somebody who’s sleeping. Use blankets and pillows to form the body under the sheets. You can then start waking the person up to check out his reaction as soon as he sees the mystery figure beside him. Snap a photo or record everything in video, especially the facial expressions.
More Rules and Guidelines

There are thousands of scary pranks you can try out there. You should try searching the web for videos to get some inspiration. Be creative and try to make your own original pranks. Be sure to select your targets carefully, since some individuals do not like being the subject all the time. You should also make sure that no one gets hurt in the process. You should refrain from throwing scary pranks on sick people, the elderly and those that cannot handle stress and anxiety very well. This can lead to fights and other complications if you don’t choose your targets carefully. Also, don’t just randomly throw a scary prank on people for fun. Make sure your timing is perfect all the time.

To find more creative and funny ways in throwing “>scary pranks, visit ScaryPranks.Org.

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