Pokémon Tourettes – Prank call – Nintendo – Trolling all over the phone

All of you won’t be happy with this one but due to popular demand, I bought back tourettes kid from the MLP call. Why the fuck did I name him Tetter? acciden…
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Jen is back, but will all the trolls I set up last episode actually work?! Tons more unique new challenges to come! JEN’S CHANNEL – http://youtube.com/gaming…
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Callux trolling the public – FFF Pranks

It’s double trouble as Callux goes out on a mission to annoy the London public. Check out more amazing pranks with Callux http://bit.ly/14u0lh2 Discover what…
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Ever slurped down a coffee and there wasn’t something quite right? I KNOW I HAVE. In this video I show that not every coffee is brewed with the finest of bea…
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Wisconsin Governor Pranked

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gave away more than just his strategy back in February, when he thought he was talking to billionaire conservative activist David Koch. Instead he was talking to a liberal blogger for the Buffalo Beast, who duped Walker into openly airing out his campaign plans. The prank actually had no link to the recently controversial “safe caller ID” phone service that allows individuals and businesses to replace their contact information with contact information of their choice. According to reports, the blogger allegedly used a deep voice and introduced himself to Walker’s secretary as being David Koch. That was it.

While being duped by a simple phone prank may have been embarrassing enough for the Wisconsin Governor, the information he revealed was what really hit the media. Walker, believing his conversation would be held in confidence, discussed his plans to disable public employee unions and a way to get around his Democratic opponents.

Walker allegedly spoke of stripping most public employees of their bargaining rights and forcing them to pay more for their own healthcare and retirement benefits. Unions would not be allowed to collect mandatory dues and they would be forced to win members votes to even stay in existence.

The blogger and prank caller figured that Walker would speak candidly with David Koch, since he is co-owner of Koch Industries Inc., the largest privately owned company in America. The company’s political action committee gave over $ 40,000 to Governor Walker’s campaign, as they have significant operations in Wisconsin.

While Walker publicly admitted to being duped and stated that “the things I said [to the prank caller] are the things I’ve said publicly all the time,” his conversation also included a plan to get around his opponents’ votes by luring them to the Capitol. Walker reportedly said he was hoping to get the Democrats back to the Capitol to require them to pick up their paychecks rather than have their money directly deposited. He mentioned another idea of passing the bill while Democrats were still in talks.

The scandal has led to more than a week of protests at the Capitol, and many opponents feel he is taking the issue from budget cuts to a political war.

While none of the Caller ID Spoofing companies advocate or condone any pranking or misuse of their technology, it’s interesting to see how pranking still exists outside of the technology. Phone call pranking was around far before the existence of Safe Caller ID services and unfortunately this incident proves that it will exist with or without this service.

About the Author: Dave Smith is a Marketing Associate at Itellas, a leading provider of caller ID spoofing services. For more information about call spoofing, please visit www.itellas.com.



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Bread Inspector - Prank call - Trolling all over the Phone

Mission: Make a staff member dispose of his own products. Result: Success I called a 7-11 store and convinced the staff member working that I was an official…
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Speed Limit Pranks

A prank is a prank, whoopee cushions and fake phone calls are one thing, but when it comes to giving you points on your licence and a fine to pay, then it’s not as funny. And this is a joke that hundreds of drivers fell foul of when jokers posted a forty miles per hour sign in a thirty zone, and a lot of drivers got flashed.

Residents who lived on the road say that the camera behaved like a strobe light in a disco on that particular day, as it caught drivers accelerating, wrongly believing that the speed limit had changed. Bradford council believe that it was a member of the public playing a joke, and the sign has now removed, but not before it caught a great deal of drivers. It seems like it was an easy mistake for drivers to make as the speed limit on this stretch of road was previously set at forty miles per hour, but was recently lowered to protect the safety of other road users and pedestrians in the area.

Darren Badrock, Bradford Council’s principal engineer for Bradford South, said: ‘The 40mph sign was not put up by the council and appears to have been placed there by a member of the public. We have now removed it. Whoever put it up may think it was just a practical joke but it is actually crassly irresponsible. We lowered the limit to 30mph on Woodside Road because there had been 157 casualties on the A641 over three years. Encouraging people to drive faster than the speed limit may put lives at risk.’

The police have said that anyone who has received a fine that they believe is wrong should contact them to query the fine. By the time the police were aware of the situation the rogue speed limit had been removed.

If you are driving on the roads in the UK then you need to make sure that you have Car Insurance. UK policies are readily available online and come at a much cheaper price than getting them over the phone or through a broker.

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